Cardenden Amateur Swimming Club
Cardenden Amateur Swimming Club
Cardenden Amateur Swimming Club
Cardenden Amateur Swimming Club

How do I go about joining?


Contact us using the details provided on the Contact Us page. We will then setup a test swim so that we can asses your child and see what would be the best suited level to enter them at. This is important as it ensures the swimmer is comfortable and confident in the water.

What are the squad fees?


All new starts have the first week of training free of charge, then as follows:


Tanks £18.50 per month
Junior Development £18.50 per month


£23.50 per month
Silver £28.50 per month
Gold £33.50 per month


What Equipment do I need to provide?








Short blade training fins (short flippers)

Kick board

Pull buoy

Hand paddles

Drinks bottle


Are galas mandatory?


No! It is the swimmers personal choice if they want to compete or not. CASC is an all-round club.

How do I go about volunteering for the club, and what does it all involve?


As CASC is a small club, all help is very much appreciated. You can help out in varous different ways. For example, you can help out at fundraising events, train up as a timekeeper for galas, help out on poolside (when required) and even join the Committee.

There is no pressure on anyone offering to volunteer.

If you want to help us out, all you need to do is speak to a member of the Committee or Coach. This informtion can be found on Our Team page.

Do the club provide any types of merchandise?


Yes, but not directly through the club. Border Embroideries are the clubs offical kit provider. It works in a way that the swimmers parents order the kit through their website and it is delivered straight to them. This is so the club dont have to deal with the kit in any way. The supplier have the club logo on record so any kit that is bought will cpme with the logo embroidered on. If you would like to order any club kit, please use the following link or type in 'CARDENDEN ASC' in the 'find your school' search bar. If you have any questions regarding this, please speak to a committee member.

Are all club teachers/coaches fully qualified?


Yes, all coaches and teachers must be fully qualified. However, we encourage people to come and help on poolsde. So, we do have a number of poolside helpers, who, under constant supevision from a qualified member, assist the sessions. These helpers are all required have undergone a PVG check.  If you have any queries regarding this, don't hesitate to ask the coaching staff.

Does my child need to attend every session?


No, you can attend whatever sessions that you would like your child to attend. However, if your child would like to compete in any galas that the club participates in, the coaches recommend that your child attends as many sessions as possible. 

What happens when my child is ready to move squad?


When your child is ready to move squad, the coaches will have a chat with both the swimmer and the parent/carer about what is involved and how you feel about it. The coaches will put your child on a week trial in the new squad, then they will discuss if it is the right move for everyone. If all goes well, the coaches will give you out a letter with confirmation of the move, along with price changes and times. The return slip must be handed to a committee member at your earliest convenience.

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